At Home With Parker – ‘Morning View’

Morning View’ – 50 x 70cm,  acrylic on paper.

‘This is the view of my wardrobe which i see every sunny, summer morning  when i wake up. Light and shade plus technical challenge, one of my favourites.’

‘Morning View’ – 50 x 70cm,  Acrylic on Paper
‘Morning View’ – 50 x 70cm, Acrylic on Paper

How many mornings have we all woken up in the last few weeks, looked into our wardrobe and pulled out the same comfort wear we wore the day before? Uninspired by the selection, uninspired by the thought of another day in lockdown, surely a common feeling. For sure I haven’t been immune to this but now I am really quite inspirationed by one of my favourite paintings, entitled ‘Morning View. Of course it’s just my wardrobe, with a selection of my shirts and tees but this simple scene beguiled  me for years and at this time it’s  a painting that is inspiring me and I hope it will inspire you too.

This scene presented me with many technical challenges like painting pine boards, which were fascinating to explore. There is a contrast between the soft folds of the shirts and the strong angular beams of sunlight, and an analogous contrast between this glimpse of an everyday subject I see and interact with every day and the vital role this wardrobe and its contents play in my life.

The portrayal of light and shade are a very important part of my work and they can be used to bring out the patterns hidden in a composition. This simple subject matter can be re-created by anyone in their own home and maybe your personal scene can be considered with fresh eyes after reading this. Why not look at your wardrobe and take time to appreciate the colours, the textures – then grab your paints and start creating a great image. This in turn may well make you to feel more inspired all over and who knows tomorrow you may be dressing for that kitchen disco with a smile on your face.

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