At Home With Parker – ‘Still Life with Mantelpiece’

Still Life with Mantelpiece’ Acrylic on paper, 70 x 50cm. ‘Some of my objects sitting on my mantelpiece, beautiful objects creating a beautiful composition from my life’

Inspiration for paintings can come from so many different areas in an artist’s life. Emotions and locations are two of the most relevant influences and certainly two that are having a huge effect on all of us at the moment. Most of us are now in the same home everyday looking at the same scenes, and most likely getting very bored but that’s when emotions take over and what seems mundane can in fact become inspirational.

Still Life with Mantelpiece












Van Gogh’s ‘Bedroom in Arles’ 1888, was painted by Van Gogh after he had been confined and unwell in his bedroom. This situation, in a very humble room could have produced a dark and dismal painting, but Van Gogh was inspired! ‘ it simply reproduces my bedroom; but colour must be abundant in this part … I have thought that on watching the composition we stop thinking and imagining.’ – and of course this is the key, that we may feel that watching the same scene can make us stop ‘thinking and imagining’, but it is important that this does not happen. We should strive to use our imaginations and creativity to bring our surroundings alive, whether through composition, colour, line or subject matter, and so be inspired and motivated by our surroundings, however mundane they might seem, there is always interest and potential beauty all around.

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