At Home With Parker – ‘Still Life with Sink’

Still Life with Sink’, acrylic on board, 81 x 60cm. ‘My bathroom, I stared at this scene for years thinking it was a great composition and finally I had to paint it.’

While we all spend so much time at home now and we are doing our best to find positives it is important and I think quite inspiring to actually take this time to look closely at our surroundings, listen to nature and appreciate things that we may have previously missed in our hurried, daily lives. As an artist I am always an observer looking at the world, taking in the colour, composition, lines, shapes and movements and sounds around me. This is an invaluable asset for an artist and helps me to be inspired by an ever expanding list of subject matter to paint.













I hope that my art inspires other artists to respond in the same way to their surroundings, because now more than ever is a time for us all to appreciate everything around us and to turn every sound, colour and object into a potential artwork and be positively inspired by the beauty of our homes and surroundings.

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