At Home With Parker

At Home With Parker

‘Boy’ – Acrylic on Canvas – ‘This is one of my favourite paintings, because it is a great composition, taking just the light, shade and colour into account, plus the ambiguity around what  the boy is looking at and thinking.’

During these challenging times I would like to try and help anyone looking at my work and hope that I can distract your minds a little from the worries of the world and help you to find a little escapism in the world of art. As Hockney so rightly said yesterday ‘The only real things in life are food and love.. I really believe this and the source of art is love..’ So take a minute to enjoy food, love and art!

Art is something we can all be involved in and is a great time to do so,  whether through painting at home,  viewing, buying and selling online, discussing or just loving the value of art and chatting about it to our family and friends. The importance and significance of art in our world can really boost our state of mind, especially when we take the time to appreciate that in fact art is all around us in many different forms. We may not be able to go out now to visit our favourite galleries or exhibitions of modern art but we can still enjoy these places online.

Some of my favourite online art sites at the moment include…. , and all artists whose work I find interesting.

I paint every day and to be honest my routine has not changed too much during this crisis. My day begins early with coffee and a biscuit and then I paint for most of my day, interrupted by lunch, the garden and greenhouse jobs and dinner. As a contemporary visual artist this routine suits me well and I get great satisfaction from painting and other forms of creativity. Just now when we are all obliged to spend so much more time at home, the joys of painting or drawing are available to many more people.  Ok you may not have easels and a huge selection of paints and brushes, but probably you do have some crayons, pencils &  paper. I am inspired and motivated by colour and form and as a painter I want to create beautiful images that immediately make you feel happy and satisfied, I want to please my viewers visual sense and love exploring very varied subject matter from landscapes to dancers. You too can find your subject matter and specific pleasures in art  –  look out of the window, let nature and the progress of Spring inspired you; new shoots appearing, blossom in the wind , whatever you capture and whether it takes 10 minutes or all day I guarantee you will feel a sense of peace and love through your art. Sharing with others if you feel like it can double the fun!

Many of my paintings have come from simple compositions in my house that have just caught my eye and inspired me to paint and I will share some of these with you soon. Maybe that will inspire you too,  from your bathroom to the greenhouse, there is art all around us!

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