Blue In Colour Alone

The colour blue is a significant force in art,  from the celestial blues of art in the Middle Ages to Picasso’s ‘Blue Period’. It is perhaps a colour that some may consider cold but to me in ‘Rhapsodic’ the blues, lines and shadows have combined to create an oasis of perfect meditative calm. A luxury escape where the solidity of the house floats like a luxury cruiser in the sea – I do love blue!

Acrylic on canvas – Just fell in love with the beautiful patterns created by the light and shade in this image; and I do love blue.

Colour in art evokes emotions and atmosphere. David Hockney said, ‘I prefer living in colour’ and I  agree. That is not to say that every piece needs to include a rainbow of colours, I think as ‘Rhapsodic’ shows shades of one colour contrasted with one other can be enough to create impact and interest. ‘Rhapsodic’  is a highlight in my series of compositions involving architectural subjects through careful simplification and the use of powerful flat colour. This combination brings out the beauty inherent in the simplicity of the scene. Joan Miro was another artist who loved blue and it played a large role in many of his works, especially in his ‘dream paintings’ and when thinking about the application of blue in art we cannot forget Yves Klein whose  blue legacy is iconic,  he said ‘blue has no dimensions, it is beyond dimensions, whereas other colours are not’ . Perhaps this describes ‘Rhapsodic’ – it really is beyond dimension!

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