Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: International Dance Day 2021

International Dance Day is hosted by the International Theatre Institute and celebrates something that is very close to my heart – dance and dancing. This year in particular has been difficult for those who love to dance as many places associated with dancing have been closed due to the pandemic. Theatres, halls and even nightclubs have had empty dance floors for too long, although some have carried on dancing via Zoom. International Dance Day provides an excuse to turn up the music and dance like nobody’s watching; because at the moment… no one is!

70×50 cm acrylic on paper. I am a dancer and I am fascinated by the shapes dancers bodies make so I often do realistic or semi-abstract paintings of dancers.

My love of dance has inspired many of my paintings. I have been a dancer all my life, partly because I have a very heightened body awareness and because dancing brings me fully alive. I also love the shapes that dancer’s bodies make, and this is what I see when I paint dancers, imposing my own patterns onto their bodies to create my abstracted compositions.

Dancing is great. For me, dance gives me an opportunity to relax, as well as to look after my physical and mental health – dancing brings me positivity. I am strong believer that everyone can be creative and dancing is a great way to discover the creativity that we all have.

So, this International Dance Day, why don’t you try out some new moves, perhaps even something as simple as a spin. I promise you’ll find mindfulness and relaxation in dance, I know I do. In the meantime, if you’d care to watch me dance, here’s a link for a YouTube video I made last year. Let’s Dance!

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