Dream Locations We Can Still Enjoy With Artist Brian Parker

This is the time when we would be looking forward to our summer holiday, but times have changed and our holidays will not be happening this year so I wanted to share some of my paintings that will evoke feelings of those vacation pleasures.

My series of ‘Cinque Terre’ paintings explore the picturesque Italian fishing villages which I find so beautiful. This beautiful National Park in Northern Italy consists of five beautiful, brightly coloured cliff top villages. Vernazza is generally thought of as the most beautiful and I have tried to capture this in the colours and patterns seen in my painting. The vivid turquoise, pinks, blues and oranges, bathed in the Mediterranean sunshine create a beautiful vision of colour and light, so how could I resist wanting to capture this scene?

Manarola’s cliff top houses again appeal to my love of colour and line, the perfect village buildings nestled between the bright blue sea and the vivid green hill tops – this is summer in colour and light. My goal as a painter is to create beautiful images which produce feelings of satisfaction and pleasure and I believe my landscapes do just this. These images are a return to my obsession with architectural subjects and through careful simplification and use of powerful, flat colour I bring out the patterns and the beauty inherent in everything I look at.

Cinque Terre – Manarola - 50 x 70cm Acrylic on paper
Cinque Terre – Manarola – 50 x 70cm Acrylic on paper
Cinque Terre – Manarola - 50 x 70cm Acrylic on paper
Cinque Terre – Vernazza – 50 x 70cm Acrylic on paper









We may not be able to visit these idyllic locations this year but through the wonder of the artistic vision we can still enjoy the beauty in the world and that is why I paint.

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