Final Week of January Studio Sale!

I) The Turbine Hall – Tate Modern

Acrylic on paper A1. An early work based on a sketch I did whilst having a break at Tate Modern, reality or abstraction?

Sale price: £250


II) Red, Black, Beige – Terry

Acrylic on paper 81×42 cm. One of series of paintings using a palette of red, black and beige only for low, mid and high tones. Based on a college life class sketch.

Sale price: £250


III) Floating on a Sea of Green

50×70 cm acrylic on paper. My homage to M C Escher based on a small object in the corner of his etching.

Sale price: £500


IV) Christmas

A1 acrylic on paper. A painting of a wooden puzzle I was given for Christmas which I looked at for so long I had to paint it.

Sale price: £350


Please email directly or DM for any further details of each piece.


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