Home Is Where The Art Is !

As an artist I am obviously going to encourage you to fill your home with things that inspire art and are stimulating to ones visual senses.

Of course I’m not alone in this and more and more curators and interior designers are using art to inspire the home or office space. One of my recent exhibitions was in an office where the art was very carefully considered for each space, from the meeting rooms to the corridors; how the art would impact on people, how it might relax, motivate and inspire. The same can happen in ones home if one wishes it.

I can see a painting in nearly everything I look at; from my mantelpiece ornaments to the plants in my bathroom. Some inspire me to paint them, others don’t but nevertheless they stimulate my senses and I consider this to be a good thing. It isn’t just the art on my walls that I consider artistically inspiring it’s everything around me from my art deco lampshades to my glass and enamel collections; all give pleasure, to look at, to touch and just to live with.

Still Life with Sink
Still Life with Mantelpiece














My collections of glass, enamels and my self made ceramic pieces perfectly compliment my living space by their craftsmanship and their inherent jewel like  look. Often with such pieces it is their creation which also interests me. Creating or owning something visually stimulating is a great addition to our daily life, the simplicity of the three items on my mantlepiece just felt right to capture – sometimes particular objects can just stop you in your tracks and you need to ‘snap’ the moment.

Santorini Sunset
Bubble&Squeak #6











The colours and detail in art deco, art nouveau and Victorian glass are something that I have always loved and I also much Thrilling seascapes … Hokusai’s Great Wave. Photograph: British Museumadmire enameled ware, particularly Japanese work. The craftsmanship in all of this work is intense and engaging, enlivening my quality of life , in my admiration of the dedication of the makers.

Stained glass windows have a similar appeal for me and can be such a subtle or sometimes, maybe not so subtle addition to interiors. Of course these are artworks in their own right that can change with  the light, altering shape and colour with the light such wonderful dramatic ways.

I think my admiration of the fluidity of art nouveau is also why my admiration of Japanese art has always been so strong.

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