Influencers – You Know What They Say About Genius’s !

Architecture is another art form which has always fascinated me and in particular the extraordinary architectural master of Art Nouveau, Gaudi.  His monuments in Barcelona have become iconic elements of Catalan culture and had a massive impact on me when I first saw his amazing work. Gaudi was a pioneer of design, he moved away from the typical neo-gothic style which was popular at the time and what he created was something so unique, quite out of this world really! Having spent over 40 years on the project, the Sagrada Familia has come to be one of the most famous designs of the Art Nouveau movement. Although I don’t think Gaudi has directly influenced my work aesthetically, I have been in awe of his creations and his unique talent, and of course his influence on Art Nouveau as a style ever since I saw his work in the flesh.

On a trip to Barcelona, I visited the Sagrada Familia. I remember going into the nave and noticing each pillar having a different number of sides and made from different stone. As I am a man of symmetry, this was not something I thought would wow me so much but once I looked up to the ceiling, it took my breath away. Gaudi was a genius – but you know what they say about geniuses – they are all mad!

The Art Nouveau movement began when a group of artists rebelled against the dull, mass produced quality of design during the Industrial Revolution and the movement innovated interior designs, graphic arts and architecture, especially in Europe.

‘Old & Tired’ – This door is the entrance to Wilton’s Music Hall on Graces Alley in London’s East End
Sagrada Família, Barcelona
Sagrada Família, Barcelona


















I am often inspired by my surrounding architecture and no doubt the aesthetics of art nouveau, in a piece like the staircase in Tassel house, Brussels by Victor Horta relates well to my Empty.

Hôtel Tassel, Brussels
Victor Horta, Tassell House
‘Empty’ plays with perspective, colour and line and displays an obvious link to Escher’s style based as it is on the architecture of the Escher Museum in The Hague.



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