January Online Studio Art Sale! – Paintings For Sale

Paintings for Sale

I) Junk #3

159×89 cm acrylic on canvas. Another view of Hong Kong from the sea including a very iconic junk. I painted this scene three times using different techniques, this one was painted entirely using a palette knife, just to see if I could.

Sale price: £500

II) Redblackbeige – Top Cat

“Red, black, beige – Top Cat” acrylic on board 80×60 cm. One of series of paintings using a palette of red, black and beige only for low, mid and high tones. Based on a college sketch using ‘Top Cat’ as a motif.

Sale price: £350


III) Christmas

A1 acrylic on paper. A painting of a wooden puzzle I was given for Christmas which I looked at for so long I had to paint it.

Sale price: £350

IV) Bubble & Squeak #3
Acrylic on canvas 61×76 cm. This work is a patterned abstract which I painted to relax after completing a difficult piece of work.

Sale price: £250

V) Me Nureyev and the other Guy #1
72×103 cm acrylic on paper. I am a dancer and I am fascinated by the shapes dancers bodies make so I often do realistic or semi-abstract paintings of dancers. A self portrait with Nureyev and another professional dancer, egotistic moi?

Sale price: £350

Please email directly brianthedancer@hotmail.co.uk or DM for any further details of each piece.

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