Old & Tired But Still Colourful – Wilton’s Music Hall

My latest painting just had to be painted mainly because of the insane number of colours crammed into such a small space and because it was a challenge to see if I could paint something so far out of my comfort zone.  I trained as a scientist, so my natural instinct is to be analytical and be drawn to clean, simple lines with a bold use of colour. This piece certainly explores colour but the subject matter is much more naturalistic than is usual for me. I’ve always loved the look of weathered and patinated objects and the flaking paint of this historic door plus the decorative mouldings drew powerfully to it, harking back to its days of glory but now very decrepit, hence the title ‘Old & Tired’.


Old & Tired’ – 40″ x 30″ acrylic on canvas 2021.

This door is the entrance to Wilton’s Music Hall on Graces Alley in London’s East End.  A beautiful building whose history dates back to the 1690’s. John Wilton, who built the Music Hall, had an ambition to give some West End glamour and entertainment to all the hard working East Enders. This wonderful legacy has certainly continued and Wilton’s is still a music hall providing a great variety of shows. Obviously due to the year we’ve all had the hall has fallen into lockdown with the rest of us but is now gearing up for more exciting shows in March. News – Wilton’s . Somehow it felt appropriate to paint this wonderful scene ‘Old & Tired’ as it was, but even though it may be tired I hope I have captured the beauty and elegance in the colours and structure of this composition, hinting at the strength it has to have to continue to face a challenging future.


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