Positive Power of The Garden & Home

After enjoying a video tour a friend did recently of their garden I decided I would also like to share my garden and share the pleasure it has brought me over many years, not just during lockdown.  I am a plantsman rather than a gardener and so I have a great interest in plants and flowers and my garden is a collection of unusual and interesting plants and I mainly like species plants as seen in nature. The colours, shapes, and shadows they cast and moods they create have had an impact on my artistic style.

My self portrait ‘Creative Space’, although in my kitchen was painted because I love food and cooking, so my kitchen is an integral part of my life and I cook food from scratch every day, so it felt right to choose this subject matter.

This influence of home is obviously important in the garden too where I like to explore as many tropical plants as I can and have included many plants in my still life’s. My garden may not be huge but that hasn’t stopped me from creating my own little paradise and introducing plants of all sizes, their height and size I feel adds so much interest and more drama to my garden. Pineapples plants to tomatoes, I love having them all. My garden is a daily inspiration and escape, and I spend twenty minutes each morning walking round and examining what’s changed since the day before, there is always something new coming up or coming into flower. As an ex scientist I have a rather botanical approach to the garden. I hope you enjoy this short tour of my garden and that your garden, patio or even window box gives you joy and inspiration too

A self-portrait set in my kitchen which is a very creative space as I love good food. Again colour, light and geometry.
“Still Life with Sink”


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