The British Holiday In Art

When the sun shines, the sky is blue and the birds are singing there is no better place to holiday than Britain. We have the most beautiful beaches and the best seaside fish & chips! No need to struggle through airports, putting on your masks and facing all the restrictions, when often the best holidays and the best inspiration for art can be found so much nearer.

‘There is beauty to be found in everything, you only have to search for it: a gasometer can make as beautiful a picture as a palace on the Grand Canal, Venice. It simply depends on the artist’s vision’ this quote by Algernon Newton pretty much sums up my view of art and its inspiration.

Beach Huts’ is an early example of my interest in perspective, colour and pattern in the beach huts of Thorpe Bay, near to where I live. The colours and lines created the perfect composition and a final piece that I hope you enjoy and make you want to reach for a 99 and chocolate flake!

Beach Huts - 60x80 cm acrylic on board. An early example of my interest in perspective, colour and pattern. Near where I live - Shoeburyness .
Beach Huts – 60×80 cm Acrylic on Board.
Beach Shelter - Acrylic on paper 62x62 cm. An old and decrepit beach shelter in Leigh-on-Sea which caught my eye and had to be painted
Beach Shelter – Acrylic on Paper 62×62 cm










The beach huts may well be something that many people would take a selfie in front of but maybe not so much with a scene like the old and decrepit shelter in Leigh-on-Sea. The shelter, although disintegrating hit me as a fantastic composition and so it became the core of this image, surrounded by an array of colours in the sky, the beach and the paths. An example of ‘beauty to be found in everything’. As an artist I enjoy the good fortune of using my brushes and colours to bring these locations to life, I can share my images of beauty in the landscape with my viewers, who can also enjoy the pleasures of colour and form in art as I do.

The Cliff Lift - Acrylic on paper 50x70 cm
The Cliff Lift – Acrylic on Paper 50×70 cm.

The final painting I wanted to share celebrating the beauty of Britain is ‘The Cliff Lift’, a painting based on a poem about the famous funicular on the Southend-on-Sea cliffs. There is energy and life in this cliff lift, it’s as if you can hear the sounds of the lift bellowing out through the white curved stripes in the sky. I wanted to create life and activity through the steps and the fresh green grass and again colour and lines define my compositions.

So take in the beauty all around you, take photos to capture the moment in art , take a seat to paint and be inspired by our beautiful country, this could be the year you need that inspiration more than ever!

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