Top Tips To Keep On Painting!

Choosing your artist materials is obviously a very personal experience and one in which we are now offered so many great alternatives, but I think once you find your favourite medium, paper, brushes you tend to stick to them as they work best for your style.

I’ve experimented with various paints over the years trying to find the perfect paint to fit my style, opaque, intense flat colour. Gouache is the traditional paint of this type but unfortunately it runs if over painted,  which I do a lot, so initially I tried various makes of acrylic. Then about 3 or 4 years ago I discovered Turners Acrylic Gouache which meets all my requirements and which I get from Jacksons Art Supplies. It is the same story with brushes but again I settled on Da Vinci Top-Acryl 7182 brushes in the main from Atlantis Art backed up by ProArte Prolene + brushes in tiny size 4/0 to 1/0. I order brushes in bulk; 6 of one size 4 of another as I go through the most often used brushes at the rate of one per painting, after that they are just not precise enough for me. Finally of course your choice of paper is important and varies so much from artist to artist, painting to painting. I use Fabriano 5 heavy watercolour paper,  also from Jacksons its smooth surface and texture works well with my work.

So experiment –  whether acrylic, gouache, watercolour, pencils or felt pens see which you prefer and then choose the paper that works best with your chosen paints and enjoy the journey of artistic discovery.

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