Can Less Really Be More In Art ?

The White Horse by John Constable

My compositional choices and what I choose to paint are very clear, to only include what’s absolutely necessary. I only paint what is needed; subjects that add to the aesthetic of the piece. I use my artistic licence to ignore the unnecessary or mundane objects or subjects within an image. So I create paintings that […]

Traditional v Contemporary – What’s Your Choice?

The traditional image of a beach hut for most people would be the beautiful shabby chic candy striped huts, taking us back to the Edwardian era in a tide of nostalgia, when changing in public was frowned upon so councils provided these wonderful little huts often with matching deck chairs, for people to change into […]

Home Is Where The Art Is !

As an artist I am obviously going to encourage you to fill your home with things that inspire art and are stimulating to ones visual senses. Of course I’m not alone in this and more and more curators and interior designers are using art to inspire the home or office space. One of my recent […]

Is There An Art To Hanging Paintings In Your Home?

During a period when we’ve all had more time at home, this could be the perfect opportunity to think about how and where we hang our art pieces in the home to make the best of them and to become our daily inspiration. A room can be brought alive by art, whether these are large […]