Finding Beauty in the Perfect Line

The Allure of the Perfect Line There’s a captivating beauty in simplicity.  For many, including myself, this allure is encapsulated in the search for the ‘perfect line.’ It’s a journey that isn’t just about drawing or painting, but about understanding the soul of a composition, the emotion behind an image, and the story the artist […]

The Art of Seeing: Exploring Outlines and Edges

What is the Use of Outline in Art? Outlines are fundamental in art, providing a structure and foundation upon which the rest of the artwork rests.  The world of art is vast, and every artist has a signature approach. For me, the allure lies in the beauty of outlines and edges.  They not only define […]

The Power of Minimalism in Art

Time-to-Rise-Brian-Parker-Artist An image of the Venetian island of Murano.

Today I want to talk about an essential part of my artistic journey – the power of minimalism in my work. If you’ve already encountered my paintings, you might have noticed that my pieces have an inherent simplicity.  That’s because I’m a firm believer in the beauty and power of minimalism.  Inspired by my scientific […]

About the Artist Brian Parker


A Scientist’s Brush: How Brian Parker Transformed from Chemical Engineer to Acclaimed Artist. As A Visual Artist hailing from the picturesque, English wooded landscapes of Hockley, Essex, my journey in the arts has been anything but conventional.  Long before my paintings came to life, my pursuits were grounded in the empirical world of chemical engineering, […]

Can Less Really Be More In Art ?

Hong-Kong-Memories-Brian-Parker-Artist This was a commission based on an iconic location in Hong Kong and includes the name "Hong Kong" in Chinese script and one of the famous red taxis at the clients request.

My compositional choices and what I choose to paint are very clear, to only include what’s absolutely necessary. I only paint what is needed; subjects that add to the aesthetic of the piece. I use my artistic licence to ignore the unnecessary or mundane objects or subjects within an image. So I create paintings that […]