Can Less Really Be More In Art ?

The White Horse by John Constable

My compositional choices and what I choose to paint are very clear, to only include what’s absolutely necessary. I only paint what is needed; subjects that add to the aesthetic of the piece. I use my artistic licence to ignore the unnecessary or mundane objects or subjects within an image. So I create paintings that […]

Perspective From My Perspective

My interest in perspective and how it influences my paintings is an important part of my work. However  I am not creating perspective from scratch, I already have the perspective from the photographs I use as inspiration for the subject matter, from these photographs is where the choices are made. This is where I decide […]

Why Does Water Inspire Artists So Much?

At the moment, I am building a pond, I have to say it’s been hard work with a lot of planning, designing and with a little help here and there from good friends, has overall been very satisfying. Water and garden features really do inject that extra interest and texture into the garden, not only […]

Traditional v Contemporary – What’s Your Choice?

The traditional image of a beach hut for most people would be the beautiful shabby chic candy striped huts, taking us back to the Edwardian era in a tide of nostalgia, when changing in public was frowned upon so councils provided these wonderful little huts often with matching deck chairs, for people to change into […]

Home Is Where The Art Is !

As an artist I am obviously going to encourage you to fill your home with things that inspire art and are stimulating to ones visual senses. Of course I’m not alone in this and more and more curators and interior designers are using art to inspire the home or office space. One of my recent […]

Is Art More Powerful Than Photography?

As an artist who has always had an interest on the progression of photography and printing and how it has developed I thought it was interesting to recently read about the increase in fine art on magazine covers rather than the traditional photographs. Fashion magazines have obviously been featuring photographs on their covers for decades […]

Is A Portrait a Reflection of the Artist or the Sitter?

Portraiture has been prominent throughout art history, immortalising sitters, making them look more attractive, wealthier, taller, slimmer, younger –  an endless list of how portraits could have worked, from cave drawings to modern day.  Historically, artists used to study the human form for years to achieve this skill, however in the last century the ideals […]

Have You Become A Master Of More Trades During Lockdown?

I’ve Donned My Carpenter’s Hat & Had Some Fun! Over the last year, many of us have been at a loss as to what to do with our time, forcing us to think of new ways to be productive and make us more self-sufficient, as we’ve not been able to socialize as much. Although I […]