Why Does Water Inspire Artists So Much?

At the moment, I am building a pond, I have to say it’s been hard work with a lot of planning, designing and with a little help here and there from good friends, has overall been very satisfying. Water and garden features really do inject that extra interest and texture into the garden, not only […]

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: International Dance Day 2021

International Dance Day is hosted by the International Theatre Institute and celebrates something that is very close to my heart – dance and dancing. This year in particular has been difficult for those who love to dance as many places associated with dancing have been closed due to the pandemic. Theatres, halls and even nightclubs […]

Dare To Dream – Locations To Inspire For 2021

A new year begins and although the future is uncertain, I need to stay positive, so thoughts about planning new destinations are key. In this mode I thought about my trip to Japan a few years ago, a country that was culturally, visually, historically, and artistically a total inspiration to me. I’ve always been fascinated […]

Influences In Art – ‘Empty’ – Waiting For The Return of The Crowds


All artist’s work is influenced by many different factors; from culture to politics, surroundings, family, upbringing, the list is endless. All of these and more have had an influence on my work, as well as some artists in particular. One such artist is M.C. Escher, the graphic artist whose artworks were hugely influenced by mathematics […]

Is There An Art To Hanging Paintings In Your Home?

During a period when we’ve all had more time at home, this could be the perfect opportunity to think about how and where we hang our art pieces in the home to make the best of them and to become our daily inspiration. A room can be brought alive by art, whether these are large […]

The Power of the Portrait

I am an artist who always looks at the world around me and I want to transfer my vision onto canvas. My collection of People and their portraits holds an important role in my portfolio of work. I have had the pleasure of being commissioned to make some wonderful portraits of friends and collectors as […]

The British Holiday In Art

When the sun shines, the sky is blue and the birds are singing there is no better place to holiday than Britain. We have the most beautiful beaches and the best seaside fish & chips! No need to struggle through airports, putting on your masks and facing all the restrictions, when often the best holidays […]

Blue In Colour Alone

The colour blue is a significant force in art,  from the celestial blues of art in the Middle Ages to Picasso’s ‘Blue Period’. It is perhaps a colour that some may consider cold but to me in ‘Rhapsodic’ the blues, lines and shadows have combined to create an oasis of perfect meditative calm. A luxury […]

At Home With Parker – ‘Morning View’

‘Morning View’ – 50 x 70cm,  acrylic on paper. ‘This is the view of my wardrobe which i see every sunny, summer morning  when i wake up. Light and shade plus technical challenge, one of my favourites.’ How many mornings have we all woken up in the last few weeks, looked into our wardrobe and […]