Self-Portraits and the Stories They Tell

The power of putting yourself in the picture These days we think nothing of holding our smartphones at arms’ length, tilting our heads to find the perfect angle and snapping a selfie. Billions of self portraits, billions of moments captured by digital technology flooding social media platforms every day, glimpses of our lives that we […]

How To Tell A Story Through Art

Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years. From breathtaking Ice Age cave paintings to Banksy – and everything in between – we have expressed and elicited the whole gamut of emotions with a combination of colour, composition and creativity.   Sometimes, the story is an ancient one: good overcoming evil, love conquering all, other […]

Dream Locations We Can Still Enjoy With Artist Brian Parker

This is the time when we would be looking forward to our summer holiday, but times have changed and our holidays will not be happening this year so I wanted to share some of my paintings that will evoke feelings of those vacation pleasures. My series of ‘Cinque Terre’ paintings explore the picturesque Italian fishing […]

‘Light into the Dark’ –  ‘I was walking back to the tube after attending a private view when I saw this building site scene  and I was transfixed by the intensity of the light against the both the very dark sky and river. So I took a couple of snaps on my camera for reference […]

The Spring Auction 2020 – Annual Auction of Contemporary Art

The Spring Auction 2020 – Annual Auction of Contemporary Art by The Auction Collective – Saturday 28th March at 5 pm ‘The Clore Gallery’ – Tate Britain #3 signed and dated 2017, acrylic on paper, 70 x 50cm will be lot 73 in the Auction Collectives Spring Auction 2020 The auction will be streamed on […]